Thursday, 7 June 2007

More on the Silhouette Project

Last night, my son "graduated" from Kindergarten. The auditorium was decorated with artwork that the children had done throughout the year, and all the parents were there armed with cameras and big giant smiles for their little ones.

What made the evening truly memorable was that the teachers said something special about each and every one of the students. One teacher even wrote a poem about each child in his class. My son's teacher explained what she would miss about each child and what she would remember most.

I realized how fleeting each moment is, and that all the things that made him special this year are different from what was special about him last year. I'd love to keep him small, and never forget how his eyelashes frame his big brown puppydog eyes, and how he says "me come in?" before he squirms into bed with me for one last snuggle before going to school.

I had a silhouette of my profile when I was kindergarten, and I think he should have one too.

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