Friday, 3 August 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

I have been grinning for the last couple of days about receiving the Rockin' Girl Blogger award because I'm so honored to be included among such talented and inspirational artists.

Though I've been painting for many years now, sharing my work with the outside world is a relatively new experience for me, and I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon such a supportive and positive group or creative women who share a desire to revel in their art each moment. My art experience has been rather anonymous... the faceless designer behind the prop, invitation, or backdrop. I haven't actually had to stand next to my work and say "I did this."

So, to everyone who has made my initial ventures of putting my work out there such a wonderful and uplifting experience, THANK YOU! Also, thank you for sharing your love of beauty and wisdom with me, because I receive so much joy and wonder by poring over everyone's work. Cheryl, thanks so much for including me in this wonderful circle and I, in turn, pass the torch to The Heartful Blogger, Suzan, and Landi for the way they never cease to motivate and inspire through their work.

Keep rockin'!