Thursday, 19 April 2012

Story Book Invitation


Over the last few weeks, I've gotten a bunch of questions about turning these story book invitations, which were designed for a child's party, into wedding invitations.  In my view, a fairy tale wedding deserves a story book invitation.  (More)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Wedding Invitation: James & Michael

Today, I'm designing wedding invitations for clients, James and Michael, who wanted colorful, clean graphics and simple unfussy design, perfect for a summer wedding.

Patterned Silhouettes

Ever since my kindergarten teacher made a paper silhouette of me that I gave to my mom as a Mother's Day gift, I have always the simple, graphic nature of black paper on white matte board.  Here are a few takes on the silhouette using a patterned background and a black matte.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Metro

Copyright Lea Antonio, 2007

It was a warm day in LA. Traffic was light for a Sunday afternoon in K-Town.  We had sushi at an unmemorable place down the street.  He was wearing a sweater, I was wearing black stiletto boots and a dress that would would qualify today as a shirt.  We were in line to see The Killers... remember them?  My five-year-old used to sing Mr. Brightside in her car seat.

To kill time while waiting in line, I snapped a number of pictures of the distinctive architecture of the Wiltern Theatre, the people streaming out of the Metro stop across the street, and the "eccentric" homeless man taking a nap at the bus stop.  One of those photos became the basis of this painting, "Wilshire Reflection."

Some people think it's a photo.  Technically it is, I guess, a photo of a painting.

The painting hung in a local exhibition in South Pasadena.  One day, an art director for the Metro offered to buy it.  For his wife, as a birthday present.  He liked the Metro blade reflected in the glass.  I think he rode a bicycle.

I miss that painting.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Steampunks: The Wedding

I was so honored to have been chosen to create decorative elements for a steampunk wedding and this weekend, the wedding day finally arrived!  The event took place at the fabulous Marvimon House in Los Angeles, a gorgeous mix of raw brick, velvet drapes, succulent living walls, vintage lighting, and a gorgeous sunny courtyard.

We had all manner of inventive gadgetry and mechanical mayhem, starting with blueprint wedding programs, all rolled and presented in a pile of vintage suitcases.

Long dark wood trestle tables were set with simple china and linens, and each place setting featured vintage library cards embellished with brass or copper gears and a be-ribboned brass key.

Photo credit: Narinder Walia

Lit by mercury glass candle-holders and hidden LED lights, centerpieces included the popular ray gun, emblazoned with a banner reading "Stop... in the name of love!"....


..."Passing Time with Rosie the Robot," completely assembled from the workings of several vintage clocks,

... "Night View Porthole,"  complete with test tube and Edison bulbs,

... "Butterfly Under Glass," an intricate papercut fantasy butterfly perched on a bed of moss under a glass and copper dome, 

 ... and "Literary Garden of Eden," carved from an old Benjamin Disraeli biography, featuring Adam, Eve, and the Tree of Life.

Other elements included these custom silhouettes of the happy couple...


... this photoshopped piece of "Victorian-ish" photography.

And for all you "Dune" fans, the very original and creative wedding couple ordered the most "interesting" cake I've ever seen --- the Sandworm --- spicy carrot cake with cream cheese filling.  I just had to share this with you!

Now it's time to enjoy the party!

Photo credit: Narinder Walia