Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Metro

Copyright Lea Antonio, 2007

It was a warm day in LA. Traffic was light for a Sunday afternoon in K-Town.  We had sushi at an unmemorable place down the street.  He was wearing a sweater, I was wearing black stiletto boots and a dress that would would qualify today as a shirt.  We were in line to see The Killers... remember them?  My five-year-old used to sing Mr. Brightside in her car seat.

To kill time while waiting in line, I snapped a number of pictures of the distinctive architecture of the Wiltern Theatre, the people streaming out of the Metro stop across the street, and the "eccentric" homeless man taking a nap at the bus stop.  One of those photos became the basis of this painting, "Wilshire Reflection."

Some people think it's a photo.  Technically it is, I guess, a photo of a painting.

The painting hung in a local exhibition in South Pasadena.  One day, an art director for the Metro offered to buy it.  For his wife, as a birthday present.  He liked the Metro blade reflected in the glass.  I think he rode a bicycle.

I miss that painting.

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