Monday, 21 February 2011

Photos of my work on Good Morning America

Wow, event planning wizard, Leesa Zelken of Send In The Clowns in Los Angeles, was featured on Good Morning America in a segment on extreme birthday parties this morning.  Photos of parties we've done together were shown in a montage along with Leesa's spin on the kid's event planning industry here in Los Angeles.

One of the controversies over extravagant birthday parties is the appropriateness of spending large sums in this sagging economy.  I say, go for it.  These clients are not mortgaging their home to throw a birthday party, but spending a small portion of their discretionary income, and putting hundreds of people to work in the process.

Also featured in the segment was a family from a TLC show about outrageous birthday parties.  For the record, in all my years designing parties, I have never had a client meeting with a 6-year-old!  Such a skewed take on the process (this is just not what happens), but I love watching it anyway.  Reality on reality television?  Not this time.