Sunday, 11 November 2007

Welcome to Wonderland

This blog has been neglected for far too long... but it's been a busy month! Among other projects, I had the opportunity to indulge in some fantasy play --- recreating Wonderland for a party. The party was coordinated by Leesa at Send in the Clowns in Santa Monica. My photos don't capture the magic of the beautiful California day, the gorgeous location, and the amazement of the guests. Fortunately, the party was shot by an incredible photographer, Jessica Claire, and you can see her images on her photography blog.

Super fun to execute... just as much fun to watch everyone else enjoy it too.As guests arrived, the White Rabbit invites them to follow him down the rabbit hole. The balloon tunnel gets narrower and narrower, and the adult guests have to crouch under the last arch... unless they're shorter than 4 feet tall. Then they could walk straight through.

Once inside, the Caterpillar greets them with among a bed of fantasy flowers and mushrooms.

Perhaps some tea in the tent with Alice? Pom-pom flowers, colored glass chandelier and candelabras, and paper lanterns are full of whimsy.

Custom "Eat me. Drink me." table runner made by the best seamstress in the world... my Mom.

Perhaps a game of croquet, anyone?

These wickets were the same height as the children.

Instead of the usual flower arrangements, I went overscale. These are about 5 feet tall.

A fun time was had by all... especially the designer :)