Thursday, 7 June 2007

Inspire Me Thursday: Roots, Part 2

Ever since last week's prompt on Inspire Me Thursday --- "roots" --- I've had an image in my head that simply won't go away and I should probably act on it. The way I imagine it, it's a picture of plant or tree roots, some thick and some thin, all tangled and twisted, intertwined with one another. My vision is not colorful, but dark and oppressive.

In my current mood, I guess I'm more likely to entertain the darker, more sinister side --- how roots can sometimes be strangling and binding, how they keep you in one place despite your desire to escape, how you never really know how deep they can run, lurking under the surface and spreading unbeknownst to us. Rather ominous, I know, but sometimes things are like that.

Charcoal sounds like a good medium for this type of project.

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Lise Richards said...

Lea -

Thank you for posting a comment on my blog. I love your art and would actually love to see your invitations you create for children's parties. If you get a moment with all you've got on your plate - please share!

thanks again!