Friday, 24 February 2012

Before and After: Disraeli in Love

In the bottom of the book bin at the cavernous St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in downtown, I uncovered a wonderful selection of overlooked works of literature --- the libretto of The Pirates of Penzance, a biography on Benjamin Disraeli, and a history of the Harvey Girls.  Sadly, the covers were falling off, and the spines were broken, but I rescued them anyway, destined to be altered into artpieces which will serve as a centerpiece for a wedding.

From the forgotten book bin.
Expanding on the theme of love (it's for a wedding after all), I slipped a fresh blade into my Olfa knife and started hacking away at the pages, carving away layer after layer.  A few smudges of charcoal and some additional finessing with scissors, and...

"Disraeli in Love," paper and charcoal, Lea Antonio, 2012.

A quiet forest,
A starless night perfect for
lovers' midnight tryst.

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