Monday, 27 February 2012

Arrangement in Steampunk #1

Assembly has finally begun on the steampunk centerpieces... hoorah!  This first arrangement is just dipping a toe into the whole steampunk aesthetic, in keeping with the clients' love of books, sci-fi, oddities, and gadgetry.  The remaining arrangements will go deeper, I promise.

A tiny carved cork pavilion atop a bed of moss and anchored by crepe myrtle branches sits esconced in its copper and rivet dome.  Tattered volumes sit on a tray made from the back panel of a London County Council clock, embellished with some gears and trimmed with the clock's chain.

An alligator claw atop a copper plumbing fixture adds a touch of the unexpected.  For height, pthalo blue-painted pear branches adorned with paper leaves (cut from pages of the Disraeli biography) is anchored to the tray with copper pipe fittings.

Detail of pear branches with paper leaves

Top view

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