Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Easy Chalkboard Decorations

Coming up with designs for a teenager's party can be hit or miss, so we've decided to do erasable decorations!  With a selection of large foam board panels, chalkboard spray paint, and a box of school chalk (do they still even use chalk in school?), I plan to make all kinds of decorative elements.  This should work for photo ops, buffet signs, and other decorations.  Hmmmm....I may even spray some black canvas for a chalkboard tablecloth.

First up, an entry sign which will pretty much cover our entire front door.  Best of all, it's erasable, re-usable, and budget-sound.  With all the fonts available online, you can do some beautiful lettering, as long as you can trace and erase.

Photos of the finished piece coming soon.

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