Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Revisiting the Easter Bunny

Easter decor doesn't always have to be cutesy bunnies and fluffy chicks. For this fabulous Egg Hunt, I decided to go witty and whimsical, with a touch of the graciousness of "Downton Abbey," with a topiary bunny wearing a velvet waistcoat atop a granite pedestal.

Using acrylic paint on foamboard, I was able to create a dimensional, yet light-weight and portable, decorative element which can be stored and re-used year after year. Faux painting techniques --- the stone texture with the grisaille work, boxwood texture of the topiary --- create the the highlights and shadows that give the piece dimensionality. As an added bonus, various tactile items --- real buttons on the cuffs, a silk daisy on the lapel, and puffy paint for the stitching and piping --- were added to the flat painting. The silk flag on a long pole gives the piece a bit of movement and fun.

More Easter projects to come!

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