Sunday, 14 October 2007

All the hats I wear....

It's been quite a while since I updated this blog, but this week's Inspire Me Thursday prompt has set the gears in motion again. Not that the turning wheels have resulted in any tangible creativity... yet. It takes me a bit of time to recalibrate from working "on assignment" to working for pleasure.

The challenge is to interpret "hats," and at first I was tempted to do a collection of hats from different eras. However, given that the last five weeks of silence is the result of wearing too many hats, I thought "why not do a piece on that?"

In the course of a day, I figuratively wear the chef's toque while I make breakfast smoothies for the kids, and sometimes the nurse's cap when I'm called on to repair skinned knees and bloody noses. On a bad day, I'll have to fish out my hardhat to fix the broken hinge on the back door, or the charwoman's kerchief when the house gets too messy to ignore. Then there's the thinking cap that helps me problem-solve my way through work assignments and deadlines. On good days, I get to don my beret, grab a paintbrush, and execute a little piece of brilliance.

I wish I was eccentric enough to actually wear all these hats in the course of the day. Perhaps that would help my family and friends to identify what "mode" I'm in. For the time being, it's time to put on my sleeping cap. It's been a long day.

Perhaps tomorrow, I'll actually create...

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